Personal Debit Card

Your Planters First Bank debit card is a secure, convenient way to access your funds and pay for your everyday purchases.

Use your debit card anywhere MasterCard is accepted – in stores, online, over the phone.  It works exactly like writing a check - funds for your purchase are taken directly out of your checking account. You can also get cash and check balances from any ATM machine.

Planters First Bank is a member of the SUM ATM Network service: This means that because you are a Planters First Bank customer, you may avoid foreign ATM service charges when you are out of town. Visit the link below for a list of all ATMs across the United States that are members of the SUM ATM Network. When traveling, just use a member on the list for a service charge FREE ATM. Also, download the FREE  SUM ATM Network App when going to the link.


ScoreCard Rewards


Planters First Bank is proud to offer ScoreCard rewards with all of our 

debit cards. Earn bonus points for every qualifying net dollar you spend. Then turn your purchases into amazing brand-name merchandise, travel, or experience rewards.

Earning points is easy – when making everyday purchases with your Planters First Bank debit card, just simply select credit.    Visit to check your point total, see a complete list of rewards, and redeem bonus points for gifts or travel.  Multiple debit cards can be linked together to combine points for even more earning power.



Debit Card Security

Planters First Bank uses state-of-the-art fraud monitoring solutions that help protect your accounts from fraudulent use.  If suspicious activity or out of normal usage is detected, you will be contacted by a bank employee or by a service center staff member on behalf of Planters First Bank.  Our fraud alert system, SecurLOCK Communicate™, monitors your transactions 24 x 7 and notifies you of any fraudulent activity on your accounts.  SecurLOCK Communicate™ includes real-time mobile text message, voice calls, and email notifications for quicker fraud identification and prevention.  Each contact method will provide the opportunity to either acknowledge that fraud has occurred or to indicate that the transactions being analyzed are legitimate.  If the transactions are legitimate, the fraud hold on the card will be removed within 10 minutes of your response. If you are unable to be contacted, your card may be blocked until we verify whether or not these are valid transactions.  Below are indicators on your debit card that may trigger an alert:

  • Multiple transactions taking place in a short period of time.
  • Transactions in a different geographical region than you exhibited in the past.
  • Multiple failed attempts to enter the correct PIN.
  • Spending patterns that are different than what you exhibited in the past.

Please take the time to verify that we have your current contact information so that you can utilize this new service to its full potential – all at no cost to you! 

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Helpful Reminders:

  • Help fight fraud by informing us of any name, telephone, or address change you may have.
  • Notify us when you are travelling and will be using your debit card.
  • A service center staff member on behalf of Planters First Bank will NEVER ask for your card number.  If you are suspicious of a call, hang up and contact your local Planters First Bank branch.
  • Do not reply to emails, or text messages that ask for your card number.
  • If you notice any suspicious account activity or any customer information security related events, please contact your local Planters First Bank branch or
Lost/Stolen Debit Card:

During regular business hours, contact your local Planters First Bank branch to report your card lost/stolen.
After regular business hours,  Please contact 1-800-500-1044  to report your card lost/stolen.

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